Monday, 10 March 2008


Survived the move. A truck came friday to load up all our wares. It was such a hot day; 40 degrees. The poor removalists were dripping with sweat at 8 in the morning, and they hadn't yet had the fortune of tackling the goat track like slope of our new driveway. When they did, they needed to call in for back up to get the piano down without sending it crashing into the side of the house - ebony and ivory unhinged and splintered all over the place - can you imagine? Ha.

We are practically all unpacked, which sounds kind of miraculous, but we have spent the past two weeks couriering suitcases and boxes of brickabrack over by car and putting it away on the spot.

Ashley has spent his nights over here alone, painting the hideous colours out - fuschia pink replaced with a subtler greem; frog green replaced with ochre; paddle pop chocolate brown replaced with "dried herb". We got a guy in to fix the cork kitchen floor - it looks nice now - good as new, and we have also installed built-in wardrobes in the kid's bedrooms. Now we would like to get rid of the hideous salmon pink curtains that run the entire course of the family room; the brown curtains in the lounge room and revolting green curtains in our bedroom which are accompanied by this hideous metallic lilac sheer umm...thing that hangs like a torn web and should be thrown in the fire - it is shuddersome. I DETEST it.

Anyone need a couple of suitcases? We have enough to satisfy the luggage requirements of all inhabitants of a small nation. What do you do with these things? They are so bulky. Seriously, if you live in Adelaide and require a couple of large suitcases - give me a burl and I will happily pass on the excess- at the moment all 7 are sitting out on the back deck.

And on to the surprises -no new home owner can escape without them. Our new place in not exactly new and therefore, not immune to the nasty surprise factor - it is nearly 40 years old. The miserable previous owners have passed on their old place without fixing the dishwasher -have to get someone out for that tomorrow, and when we attempted to hook the washing machine up, the hose broke off in the wall, resulting in a day without running water while we waited for a plumber to come and fix it - on a long weekend. $400 later we have a sizeable hole in the wall and yet another job on the ever increasing todo list. I hope the house is just ridding itself of the old energy and will settle for us now.

Well, I had better get back to it. I want to kick this joint into gear by Friday so we can enjoy the weekend and give the kids a reprieve from house stuff for a while. Toodles.


Jen at Semantically driven said...

I live in Adelaide but don't need a suitcase. Put an ad on Freecycle if you want to get them out of your life. I don't envy you moving and unpacking in the heat we've just had, but I hope you settle in well.

Lynda said...

Well I for one wish you much laughter and happiness in your new home - lets home these little 'glitches' are the worst that ever happens. I hear it has been pretty hot in Adelaide... not fun.

Tracey said...

Happy housewarming. Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't have said that. Been hearing about the temps in Adelaide and one thing you don't need is any more warming. I hope things settle down for you soon, and you are able to get the major problems fixed - and the hideous curtains replaced asap.

Glad to hear you have at least survived the move.

Kathleen said...

Hurrah on getting in! It won't be long before all is well, and the place is "your own." Isn't it amazing to see what colors, etc. other people are happy to live with???!! Are you going to do some red? If I recall correctly, you had a pretty one in your last place...or was that just in the furniture?

jeanie said...

Oh well done on the unpacking - we still have a few boxes from V's move last April!

As to the suitcases - Vinnis and Lifeline also appreciate them.

The new colours sound like you love them a lot more than the old - and it sure sucks that the facilities are giving you such a welcome - lets hope they are just getting it out of their systems.