Friday, 25 January 2008


It rained last night. Really rained. A good rain that strummed a gentle, consistent lullaby atop the tin roof right right through the night. I had washing out last night and it was soaked through this morning. I didn't mind. Since our return from Vancouver, it had rained only twice before (probably would have been the non-rainy day count if we had still been there). I have really been missing the rain - although I am not requesting a deluge on any scale similar to that received by Queensland recently - I appreciate the rain and I honestly do miss it.

A good rain makes everything seem less tired; the trees have been given a lift after weeks of hanging their limbs in an exhausted droop in an attempt to conserve energy. The hydrangea leaves which had formerly resorted to rolling up into the fetal position, have uncurled entirely, like the thankful arms of the devoted, outstretched and receiving the Lord.

The world seemed alive again; even the dank puddles, dirty with a collection of old leaves and other debris, rapidly evaporating in the gutters, were being enjoyed by swarms of tiny sand flies, but it was the crickets that were really in full swing last night. So loud was their combined sound that it sounded like the squeal of metal on metal of a train winding its way along the nearby track - honestly, that is what I thought it was! There must have been hundreds of the little blighters out there. I went out to see if I could see any, but even with my ear seemingly hanging over a particularly noisy cricket, I could not see him nor any of his mates. I can't say I have heard such decibels of cricket music since our return, and wondered if they were in symphony, expressing their joy and delight in receiving the rain. If I were a cricket, I think I would have joined in.


Lynda said...

That sounds so wonderful. I knew before I came to Cairo that I would miss the rain... and when it did rain here - it was dirty and damp and drizzlie... blerk

I am completely and utterly terrified of crickets... I was caught in a Locust plague in Lightening Ridge when I was about 9... they were everywhere. As an adult I will catch the poor maligned huntsman that so scar my German hubby... but I will not go near a cricket... they jump and land in your hair!

jeanie said...

I love the sound of crickets after rain - and frogs during rain - and rain!

Mind you - its not as wet here as some places - and some places where that wet is, it didn't even rain - how crap is that?

BTW - I couldn't find your email, I wanted to let you know about my sister's blog that I thought you might enjoy. She is an incredible newbie, but a great photographer -

Tracey said...

Talk about descriptive! How do you manage to capture it so well?

Lately in a couple of places we've been just about deafened by the sound of crickets - or were they cicadas?... I don't know. Not really up on my insects.

Kathleen said...

Oh, the joys of rain....we see so much of it here that we take it for granted. Right now, tho, we are in the midst of a long, cold, dry spell. Evening temps have been between 20-25F for over a week, and dailies about 35F. We had snow last night, and more in the forecast for the week ahead. Yay! I know Laurie is MOST happy to be heading your way next weekend...she's not fond of the cold!

debby said...

Sigh of envy.

No crickets in winter.

I can't wait to hear crickets again.